Wednesday, November 08, 2006

new world order

The War Room: 0928

It would seem the shit rain is blowing anew for the Republicans, though that could just be the rain seeping in that one sooted encrusted window adorning my bunker. Nights are long this high in the world, but it was an ugly, ugly dark for the GOP: corpses, maimings, lambs to the slaughter only it would seem the hapless Democrats finally manged wrest a bit of control away from those filthy bastards--despite that nimrod Kerry. Holy Jesus! someone stuff him with a ball gag and lock him away for the next 4 years, long enough to render him into soft tallow, primed as a sacrificial carcass in '08. My money still says this is the worse thing that can happen for the US. Things can't get that much worse with the GOP at the helm, but it will get no better. Unfortunately, the way this one worked gives them an excuse; "we were on our way to victory in the war on terror, but those filthy liberal freedom hater terrorist mongers tied the President's hands," (Karl Rove, campagin trail early 2008). Any break in the clouds might be good, but the pressure's on.

The big story of the night is Lieberman. Remember him, the guy who helped lead Gore to shameful defeat in 2000 (by defeat, I mean not winning by enough of a margine, but lets not forget Nader on that one and all of those losers who wanted to make a statement about third party politics--Nader the crusader, Nader the spoiler, Nader the secret GOP shill)? As the story goes, Lieberman couldn't win the Democratic primary in CT, so he turns around and wins as an independant. I guess you have to admire that kind of where-with-all, but despise the hateful-deceit that drives a man to worship at the knob of power. I hope he prays good.

Clinton's on the war path again-- that's a good thing. It's old news now that he was taken to task on Fox news; that is to say, he was ranted against but those poor bastards gave him room to retort. I gues the lesson to learn is that Bill Clinton is smarter than almost everyone else on the planet and knows how to communicate it too. I'd still vote for him. And, I might consider voting for his wife for a variety of reasons--if only she weren't a contaminated Washington insider. So who does that leave us? Richardson? Obama? What about Gore--though the thought of that boring of a man leading this great nation makes my bowels clench in anticipation. I see a left-field democrate emerge.

Okay my own vile spew is boring me. The sea of bourbon churning in my stomach is doing little to staunch what will become a hate filled rant. I might lock the doors for another year to gather the reserves needed...kill the body and the head will die.


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