Thursday, June 15, 2006

About time

Not that I ever believe in prefacing what I have to say with apologies, but as Grounds Keeper Willie puts it, "I don't wanna pick fight, but the lad's have been drinkin all day." So, for all of the pundits of law enforcement agencies or members of law enforcement who read my blog, my apologies, pigs; i don't like you; I don't respect you, your way of life, nor do I respect your world view. Frankly, I envision a world that doesn't need, want or support cops and that views cops for what they are: selfish jack-booted criminals without the stones to do their jobs an who require an interior sense of self-gratification manifestted as legitimization by the state.

I had a viscious scree sketched out about how G W Bush was a melonomous carbuncle on the knob of humanity, and how I cannot believe that that dimwited nimrod still has the huevos to call himself "President", but frankly, why? Instead, I come home after a hard day of social criticism to open the LJworld site where the headline is Lawrence Police Department under investigation for impersonating the FBI. Keeping in mind, that my opinion of cops extends to Feds, all I have to say is how typical. A small town police force, that is a bunch of rednecked filth feels the need to boost themselves in order to intimidate players in what amounts to a shut case by posing as FBI. I can just imagine the scene: bad polyester, Jimmy Houston aviators and ubiquitous 'staches. It's a bad parody of Dragnet or Crime Story. It's like that Beastie Boys video, only in real life. I bet J E Hoover's dress is bunching up in his grave over this, which is sad.

Now keeping in mind that my history with Lawrence's finest runs long and deep, from the incident of the 'dim' tail light to the out right intrevention in a civil rights violation of a non-english speaking dark skinned latino and all acts of civil and not so civil disobedience in between, lets consider my relationship with them is not on par with that of a contented citizen. Even so, I hope someone ends up in Levenworth over this one. And they wonder why we call 'em pigs?

Okay, enough; even I can't hold a grudge long enough for this one. It's been a busy few weeks since I got back to London, so a lot has happened. In my jetlagged state, I managed to find myself at a cultural geography conference amidst the gibberish of a bunch of junior academics trying to sound smart to senior academics. I found a quiet corner, read some gonzo journalism about LSD and prepared myself for the after party.

Fear and Loathing at the Pizza Express:

When a bunch of over acheiving academics decide to have a bit of a party, it gets ugly fast. Whilst I was still trying to find the keys to the boiler room door, I discovered that it was already open, but no one was falling in. Two bottles of wine later, my bullshit-o-meter's going off like a gieger counter in a uranium mine when the girl I'm talking to starts rambling on about her catharthic experience while reading Foucault. Ah that name again. I see two scenarios. Either it was inpenertrable gibberish to her and she wants to sound cool, or she actually had some sort of reaction--either way, I'm out.


The marathon, my leg at least, was hard. I've never done an easy race, and this was no exception. 8 miles in 53 minutes, no record but still hard, and it was hot. I put 12 minutes on my competitor, and my team came in fourth over all, but I was in a world of hurt that no ammount of haggis or scotch could fix not for lack of trying. Edinburgh an amazing city. Beautiful, hilly, with a true mtn top fortress. It's no London, but then again, what is?

World Cup:

It's here; it's huge; enough said.

Okay, even I'm not making sense now, and I haven't even started drinkin yet, so I'll sign off.

Thanks for reading and keep it weird



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Word up on the Jimmy Houston shades man. I dig, I dig. You "missed" the Wak fest here. Bunch of rich hippies (paradox?) gathering to get high and listen to some music. Check for some pics and notice all the goof balls sitting in the grass. They ain't from round here huh? Got chiggers?

I've been sick (don't get sick in the summer. suck.) but I'm mailing you a box tomorrow. Should be there soon?


11:10 PM  
Blogger Ben-in-UK said...

you know, anonymous, that handle doesn't work if you sign your name at the bottom.

sorry to hear about summer time illness. the only cure I know of is rum, ice and limes, consumed by an ocean or in the nearest cool shady location with a breeze and hula girls (or a rotweiller/shepherd mix). was wondering why you weren't flogging it at Nature Valley.

get well my brother; peace, and groovy n shit

11:52 AM  

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