Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Greetings Sports Fans!

After a few days, I'm finally back to normal and have a lot to report.

First, I finally got around to buying a digital camera; therefore, there will be some photos on this site now. That's right, I'm finally entering the 'modern' world.

Second, I am heading to France next week for a well deserved vacation. What's this you say? "Haven't you been on vacation," you might ask? Well, actually, "no". This is my first time out of the UK since comming to the UK, and after getting a draft of an article, my revised proposal and a presentation together, I've decided to get out of dodge for a while and see the continent. Besides, I'm going to Nantes which is known for its mussels and steely dry Loire Valley whites. MMMM mouelles et vin.

That's more or less it for now; I've put on a photo of the view from my balcony for the sake of practice. What you are seeing is Finland Dock. Off to the left, if you squint, is the River Thames; the hazy greyness is the air, since today's a bit drizzly, and one of the boats is a floating bar. And, for you fisher folk, especially those who have nymphs and cadus flies tattoos, I've not seen anything jump, but there a quite a few old guys who fish the dock anyway.

I've gotta run. Thanks for reading



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