Sunday, December 25, 2005

Silent Night

One of the best parts about being a hack writer is the relative liberty I have in using stock cliches for stock situations.

Tonight is Christmas Eve, always a peacful evening, even in the City of no sleep. I've finally succeeded in reversing my clock, so I'm up and it's fairly late; also, I have some Gorillaz cooling in the background as I over look a perfectly still, cold evening on the docks. It's like Charles Dickens out there in the streets, and I have my night-cap and my lap-top and am able to see the City's lights reflecting in the water.

Going through my notes for the week, it would seem that there is a lot to write, yet now, as I sit and reflect on the calm, there's no point in rehashing it. Instead, look to this as moment of meditation, to contemplate the univerise and our significance in it. Even as a nihlist, I recognise a good thing and will groove with it for a while.

On that note, once again, Merry Christmas, Happy New Years!

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