Tuesday, September 05, 2006

questions and answers (to why Thom Yorke and Radiohead are really not that good)

What do you get when you cross whiney indie rock, with over hyped--alterna-pop and mix it together at an awards show?

Thom Yorke. My god, I wanto to hit that prick with a ball-pean hammer. Well maybe not so drastic, but riddle me this: why is he and his band so popular? Now, I'm not one to critique anyone taste in music--my own are so varied, random and eclectic that I can claim nothing to judge; with all of that exposed, RADIO HEAD BLOWS!!!. They are boring. Thom Yorke in his solo effort is worse. Avante Garde you say. Bollocks says I--try Phil Glas or John Cage. Experimental Jazz? Miles...end of story. Inovators, both. Looking for edgy emo-core? Uh, Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, anything from Seattle in the early 90's. These guys practically ripped off Pearl Jam's second album (the one after 10). Holy Jesus, I sound old.

These guys, represent the epitome of selling out. I only mention this, because, after all that is every musicician's goal, Radio Head and Yorke are so anti-corporate music that every one of their shows is sold out by Ticketmaster--not to mention the level of corporate capital behind their distribution, both obviously through production and also through the hip 'underground' music grapevine.

So, Thom Yorke is playing the Mercury Prize, an English "cutting edge" music award show. In five bars, I lost interest. His complex archepelgios (sp?) well, sort of wanky. His emotional ballad voice, well and act, also sort of wanky. The walking base scale, oooo clever, its a penatonic scale played on minor chords. My flat mates were so impressed that I had to show them how to do it on the spare guitare laying around my flat. Yawn. It's all kind of funny.

Okay that's all for now. I just wanted to clear the air. Life rocks! At least mine does except when I'm laying on the couch after a hard workout day and am forced to watch this swill on the TV. I'm thinking about growing a scraggy beard, shaving my head to look sensitive and writing crap ballads for the piano on the coat tails of my band's mind boggling success.

I'm angry now, and am diving to the freezer for some icecream before bed. blimy, leave me to my classic rock!!


Anonymous Adam said...

Ice cream! Holy shit man! Trudi found this bad ass ice cream.. It's Breyer's Double Churned. Sounds bad for you but it's FAT FREE. No shit man. It's good too. I put some on a home made cherry pie and... well, there goes the fat free part, but it was still good. Check it out.

4:47 AM  

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